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Где лучше заказать перевод заявки на изобретение на английский язык?

Sergey Shevtsov [50] 8 месяцев назад

Насколько нормально Гугл переводит тексты заявок на изобретение в Роспатент на английский язык, где и за сколько найти переводчика оптимально, если вся заявка - это 89 страниц текста?

Вот так перевёл Гугл:

The invention relates to the field of advertising, in particular, to methods for assessing and correcting the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. A method for assessing the effectiveness of advertising, characterized in that a verified questionnaire and voting are carried out to calculate the rating and assess individual characteristics of advertising. Users through a system consisting of a mobile or stationary device for displaying information using the computer program No. 2021617263 "Feedback: diagnosis, rating, correction" are identified in their personal account (LC) through OAuth 2.0 authorization. Then, they are then additionally verified at one of five levels, having sequentially and proportionally to the number, a further increasing degree of increase in the coefficient received for voting and feedback bonuses through: 1) e-mail or social networks, 2) a mobile phone number, 3) an account on State services, 4) banking application, 5) electronic digital signature. There, they fill in the "section of goals": "dreams", "desires", "tasks", "purchase plans", set three parameters for them in the LC: time stamps, the degree of need and the search for solutions. Then, through a wearable computing device with a touch screen, photographs are taken with a resolution of 3264 by 2448 pixels, and the currently observed and ongoing advertising message is filmed with a video camera with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. On the server, the formation and analysis of the corresponding databases (DB) of profiles takes place, the exclusion of estimates with inaccurate identification data, after which it is selected individually adjusted advertising based on the results of the analysis and the section of goals in the LC. For evaluating advertising, users immediately receive a reward in the form of bonuses and a regular drawing of cash prizes, which can be exchanged for rubles, prizes, discounts, coupons. Then they share this information with personal humorous or positively emotional comments on their assessment of the overall rating and individual parameters in ten social networks, in five forums, on seven sites. And after that, all votes and ratings that have verified identifiers in the database of the entire system are counted about this advertisement for a minute, hour, day, month and year, dividing them by the spent financial resources for the same period of time using the formula - KER = (P1 + P2 + Pn) / Сn, where KEP is the coefficient of advertising efficiency, P1 is the rating gained by advertising for 1 period of time, Pn is the rating gained for additional periods of time for measuring efficiency, and Сn is the total amount of money spent on creating and displaying of the given advertisement for the studied period of time. Then the demonstrated level of user engagement is also determined according to the identified levels of increase, decrease from the method questionnaire, according to advertising materials, on the basis of which the effectiveness of placing advertising materials is determined, and ideas for improving efficiency proposed in comments to ratings and reviews are collected, analyzed and used in creating and showing new advertising and information products. The method according to the parameters obtained through the application programming interface uses special methods of medical psychology, psychiatry, psychodiagnostics, client-centered and cognitive therapy, auto-training, psychohygiene, sanology, human ecology, to increase personalization and verification of the target group, lifetime value and customer purchases in short-term and long-term plans, improving omni-channel brand health, customer experience marketing, cross-device service blueprint, programmatic backstage adverts, addressable, connected and advanced television, increasing the personalization and value of advertising for consumer purposes and purchases. 1 table, 5 fig.


Переводчиеские конторы сейчас есть практически в любом городе. У нас в СПб их реально десятки. Просто в Яндексе наберите "перевод документов в <таком-то городе>" - и вам вывалится немерено ссылок. Как вариант (возможно даже более дешёвый), можно найти человека на досках объявлений.

Но имейте в виду, что это дело неделёвое, тем более что это перевод с русского на ..., с не с ... на русский. Перевод страницы может стоить 250-400 рублей, так что 89 страниц реально влетит в копеечку. С этой точки зрения гуглоперевод с последующим самостоятельным редактированием может оказаться разумной альтернативой. Надо сказать, что качество такого перевода за последние годы довольно заметно выросло.

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