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Как верно написать предложения ставя глагол в правильную форму?

Европеец [995] 11 месяцев назад

Заполните предложения правильными формами (Настоящее, Прошлое или Будущее) глаголов в скобках.

  1. Students (to be) young people who (to study), (to enjoy) themselves and (to do) very little work.
  2. Formerly, students in our country (to receive) scholarships large enough for their living expenses.
  3. Nowadays many students (to work) to earn their living.
  4. If you (to get) good and excellent grades next term you (to receive) a scholarship.
  5. I don’t know if he (to receive) a scholarship next term.
  6. My parents (to go) to study away from their home town. That is why they (to live) in a hall of residence. And I (to live) with my family now. But after I (to graduate) from the university in five years I (to leave) home.
  7. Many years ago this writer (to leave) his home town for good.
  8. If you (to skip) lectures you (to have) to drop out.
  9. Harry and William (to attend) the same schools when they were schoolchildren.
  10. In his 17th year Harry (to experiment) with cannabis and it (to become) public knowledge.
  11. I think talking to doctors and drug addicts (to affect) some people.
  12. Both Harry and William (to leave) Eton College some years ago.
  13. If Harry (to be) a king he (to enjoy) this role.
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