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8 марта, описание праздника какое, как рассказать на английском, перевод?

Эления [444K] 2 года назад

8 марта краткое описание праздника?

8 марта краткое описание праздника на английском?

8 марта краткое описание праздника для детей?

8 марта краткое описание праздника кратко?

Краткое описание праздника 8 марта?

Рассказать про 8 марта на английском?

Рассказать про 8 марта на английском языке с переводом?

Рассказать про 8 марта?

Рассказать про 8 марта в школе?


March 8 (the eighth of March) is International Women's Day. In 19 century women didn't have equal rights with men, and some of them thought that it was wrong. They wanted to give women rights - to get education including university;

  • to work - and to work as intellectuals: doctors or university teachers or engineers;
  • to elect members of parliament and to be elected;
  • to live independent lives and decide when, who and if to marry;
  • to have their own property and money.

They protested in public in front of government buildings in Europe and America. They were supported by progressive men. In Russia 150 years ago there was no admission for women to higher education, and a talented mathematician Sophia Kovalevskaya had to go to study and teach abroad. To go there she had to marry. Only later progressive Russian professors opened in Saint Petersburg Higher Courses and Medical Institute for Women's Education. Since 1917 women have had equal rights in Russia, and since 1918 International Women's Day is celebrated here. On this day we say we love our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and respect our female friends and teachers. We wish them happiness and give presents.

Думаю, если человек по-русски знает это, то и по-английски сумеет высказать. Без слова "суфражистки" и имени Клары Цеткин я в рассказе обошёлся.

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