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Fill the appropriate words into the gaps:

channels, television, news coverage, advertiser-supported television, television sets, public-affairs programming, direct-satellite television systems, television networks, broadcaster, development.

Television’s _______ followed different patterns in other countries. Often government, not private corporations, owned some, most, or all of the major networks. In Great Britain the British Broadcasting Corporation, the country’s dominant radio _______, established and retained dominance over _______. The BBC, funded by a tax on the sale of_______, established a worldwide reputation for producing quality programming. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, also freed by government support from many commercial pressures, was praised by some observers for the seriousness of much of its news and _________. France’s major _______ were also supported by the government; however, in France that support was seen as encouraging a tilt in _________ toward the side of whatever party happened to be in power. By the late 1980s and 1990s, as cable and __________ increased the number of________, the hold of these government-funded networks began to weaken. Most countries around the world began moving more toward the U.S. model of privately owned, ___________ networks.

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