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Какую песню разучить с учениками на англ. языке?

tan2016 [4.9K] более года назад

Песенка про дружбу:)

Song About Friendship.

The river babbled and you could hear the ice on the river cracking

And a drop of water drips from the damp roof onto your collar.

The river flows in vain, for indeed you cannot forget friends.

Well, and if we're together it's nothing bad even if our feet get soaking wet.

Sunny rabbits jump around in the meadows

The brook sparkles as a light blue ribbon

Drops of water fly as a spray of freckles

Just that a strong friendship is watertight.

It's no sorrow, when thunder roars in a spring grove

If the rain drenches us -- that's nothing to us

A rainbow hands over the forest, the sun shines for friends

And the nightingale echoes our merry song.

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