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Каковы могут быть 10 вопросов по данному английскому тексту?

Роман4116 [1.1K] 2 года назад

16 July Camp Pineland

Jasper kept his word and next day he proudly presented his surprise: David as Higgins and Daniel as Pickering! The moment I saw David again, I knew I would have to leave the play. I wouldn't be able to spend all this time with him. I decided to wait until the end of the rehearsal to tell Jasper that I wouldn't be able to play the part of Eliza. He could easily replace me...

And then something strange happened. While Daniel was turning the page of his script, he cut his finger. Then his finger started bleeding. As in a kind of trance, Daniel watched the drops of blood and suddenly fell to the floor. I couldn't believe my eyes. Our macho Daniel had fainted!

The whole scene was so unexpected that some girls even started to giggle. After Daniel was taken to see the doctor, Jasper explained to us that a lot of people can't stand the sight of blood (не выносят вида крови) and that there is nothing funny about it — it's something a person can't control. And then suddenly another scene came to my mind.

That night when Dima was attacked by the bear, my brother was covered with blood and Daniel was the first to reach him. But Daniel must have fainted then too. So it couldn't have been him that saved Dima, and there was only one other person there...

I looked over and saw David. He was standing in the far corner of the room, trying to pretend that he wasn't there at all. I marched across the room and stopped right in front of him. But I didn't have the courage to look him in the eyes. "I'm so sorry,'1 I whispered. "I have been selfish, unfair, egoistic..."

I was trying to think of more words to describe my stupid behaviour, but he interrupted me. "No, Lisa. I'm the one who has to apologize, not you. That night when Dima was attacked, Daniel fainted when he saw your brother, but he never asked me to lie for him. It was all my idea. I saw his embarrassment and thought it would be better if nobody found out. So I tried to protect Daniel and made him hate himself even more. He felt so guilty that he couldn't even talk to you. You must have missed his company. It's all my fault."

He turned away to leave, but this time I was ready to say something. "Do you know that I have always dreamt about an acting career?" I said cheerfully. "I am going to need a lot of help to learn my part. Will you help me?" David nodded and smiled, and then he nodded again and then we started to laugh.

бонус за лучший ответ (выдан): 5 кредитов
  1. What play was going to be performed?
  2. Did anything change in the casting?
  3. The girl was not at all delighted by this change, was she?
  4. What made the rehearsal stop suddenly?
  5. Not everybody can stand the sight of blood, can they?
  6. Did the incident remind the girl of another one, connected with bear attack and blood?
  7. Wasn't it possible to view Daniel and David at another angle?
  8. Why was David "trying to pretend that he wasn't there" standing in the far corner of the room?
  9. Which way did David accept the girl's apologies?
  10. Did the girl refuse any further contacts with the rehearsal group or (did she) hopefully continue them?
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Роман4116 [1.1K]
Спасибо большое.! А можно с переводом?  2 года назад
Aurette [3.8K]
1.Какая пьеса готовилась к постановке?
2.Менялось ли что-то в списке исполнителей?
3.Девушка была отнюдь не в восторге от этой перемены, не так ли?
4.Что заставило репетицию внезапно прерваться?
5.Не каждый может переносить вид крови, не так ли?
6.Напомнил ли девушке этот инцидент еще и другой, связанный с медвежьей атакой и кровью?
7.Разве нельзя было увидеть Даниэля и Дэвида под другим углом?
8.Почему Дэвид старался делать вид, что он не здесь, стоя в дальнем углу комнаты?
9.Каким образом Дэвид принял извинения девушки?
10.Отказалась ли девушка от дальнейших контактов с репетирующей группой или продолжила их, полная ожиданий (надежд)?
 2 года назад
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